Verified Menopause Treatments

Menopause is the beginning of the new period where a woman no longer has her menstruation and is the ending of her reproductive years. This is a natural process where the follicles in the ovaries, which contain eggs, are no longer produced. The moment this happens, ovaries no longer secrete hormones estrogen and progesterone, and menstruation vanishes.

These radical changes are forcing the body to adapt and that can be experienced as the menopause symptoms. The most common menopause symptoms are hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal atrophy and dryness. They are the most concerned ones, as they can be quite intense. To reduce them, the doctors, but also the women in menopause, have developed treatments that are proven to be effective.

Natural treatments

Because, during menopause, estrogen levels are low, it is the goal to find new sources, which can be in plants and food. The foods rich with phytoestrogen are fruits, dry fruits, nuts and especially flax seeds and soy.

Black cohosh is effective for the hot flushes and night sweats. It is derived from a species of buttercup. The studies have found that the black cohosh can help with the mild night sweats and hot flushes, but for the short period.

Relaxing techniques can change your quality of life

Relaxing exercises, such as yoga and breathing exercises can help with mood swings, headaches, and sleep disruption. The mind is closely connected to the body, especially to the breathing, so correcting your breathing to be calm, you should also calm your mind. Yoga will relax your whole body and the negative effects of the menopause symptoms will faster disappear.

Hormonal therapy

When the hormonal therapy first appears on the market, it was in the form of synthetic hormones. These hormones are still available, but they are getting replaced by the bioidentical hormones. The difference is that bioidentical hormones are more natural to the body, as they are made from the plants, but are adjusted to be like human hormones.

These hormones are giving quite effective menopause treatment Sydney at Australian Menopause Centre, as they can be adjusted to the woman’s needs. For example, the women with a uterus will get the treatment that contains estrogen and progesterone, while the women who had a hysterectomy will only get a product that contains estrogen.

Bioidentical hormones can affect the worst menopause symptoms

Bioidentical hormones can be prescribed by the naturopath menopause by Australian Menopause Centre if you live in Australia because the doctor needs to approve the medication, you cannot get it in a pharmacy without the prescription.

Pharmaceutical products are verified and approved, so the quality and the amount of hormones are controlled. If you cannot take these hormones for some reason, they can be custom-made by the compounding pharmacy, by the instructions from your doctor.

Final word

No matter what kind of remedy you find that is working for you, it is important that it is approved by your doctor and that is natural as possible, so your body will easily accept it.

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