Essential Conditions for Filing Claim under EEOICPA Benefits 


Have you been suffering from medical conditions covered by the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act? You should rest assured to be eligible for filing a compensation claim under the EEOICPA. However, not all employees would become eligible for filing the claim under the program. 

Therefore, you should consider gathering adequate knowledge and understanding of the various illnesses and medical conditions covered by the EEOICPA. You should rest assured that the illnesses covered under EEOICPA would make you eligible for the benefits offered by the DOE. However, you should not fret if your illness has not been covered by the EEOICPA. The federal government has been thoughtful of other illnesses and medical conditions that the employees had been suffering since their employment under the Department of Energy. The medical conditions not covered by the EEOICPA would be covered by various other programs specifically designed by EEOICPA DOL

When you look forward to filing for EEOICPA benefits, you should rest assured to file the claim in the right manner. It would be pertinent that you should hire the services of an attorney having adequate knowledge and experience of filing the claim for EEOICPA. 

How to file for EEOICPA benefits? 

Only the former or current workers under the Department of Energy would be eligible for benefits under EEOICPA. To find out if they have a claim, prospective claimants would be required to submit a comprehensive record of employment history. They would also be required to provide medical evidence of the diagnosis along with the official form for claiming the benefits under EEOICPA. 

If you were a surviving spouse of the deceased employee, you should include the marriage certificate when filing the claim. If you were the surviving children of the deceased employee, you would be required to add the birth certificate along with the official claim form. 

It would be pertinent to mention here that the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program has made it essential to file the forms available online. After you have completed the form, you should mail the form to the EEOICPA DOL central mail room. 

If you were having trouble with choosing the right category for filing the claim, it would be pertinent to seek adequate support from the Department of Energy. You should also choose the right attorney to help you file the claim in the best manner possible. It would be pertinent to file the claim in the right manner lest you want to get it rejected by the DOE. 


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