All about the Treatment Options for Infertility

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Gone are the days, when couples used to struggle to enjoy the parenthood. Thanks to technology! Nowadays, the science has advanced so much that people can opt for other methods to get child. Natural pregnancy is a blessing and people with this blessing don’t have to struggle a lot for a child. In some couples, pregnancy occurs during the first year of marriage. For those people, who want to have a child due to infertility or any other reason, the options are many. A few of them are elaborated below:

Medication for infertility

In a few men and women, the infertility is cause due to the unbalancing in the hormones. In this case, they are offered oral medications and injections so that the hormone levels are reached accurately. Many couples get benefited from this treatment option and result in successful pregnancy.

Artificial insemination

In this procedure, the semen of the partner or sperm donor is injected directly into the uterus of a female wherein it is intended to meet with an egg and form an embryo. This procedure is also opted by the a female who wants to have a baby and want to become a single parent. The sperm is preserved in the labs and used as and when the need arises.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization

The egg is taken from the ovary of a female and then is fertilized by a sperm in a dish. It aim is to develop it to form an embryo. After this, it is put into the uterus of the female where it will grow to become a fetus and then baby. This method has widely been used all over the world. Sometimes, the triplets and twins are born as a result of this treatment.

Depending on the medical reports and health condition, a health care provider can suggest the best treatment for you. If you want more information, you should consult your family doctor.

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